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12W Emergency AC/DC

The LAXFO 12W Emergency AC/DC bulb is well-known for functioning under load . It ensures you remain bright regardless of power outages with its lightning-fast charging period and 3-hour backup on a full charge. The bulbs can be used in any area because they function across a broad voltage range . Its 2.5KV electrical protection ensures dependable defense against destructive lightning strikes. You'll never have to wait in the dark because the lightbulb turns on immediately. Furthermore, it is long-lasting , so you can be sure that what you buy is going to stay with you in the long run.




Actual Wattage (W) (Battery full charge):12W
AC Luminous Flux (Lm) (Battery full charge):1200lm
Efficacy (lumen/watt):100 (in ac)
DC Watt:5 Watt
DC Luminous Flux (Lm)(initial charging):450lm
Charging Time:4 hours
Color Temperature:6500k
Color Rendering index (CRI):≥80
Input Voltage (V):140-270V
Frequency (Hz):50Hz
Power Factor:≥0.9
Lighting Duration DC (Hours, Backup Time):3 Hour
Overcharge Protection (For Over Charge Protection):Yes (4.2V)
Over discharge Protection (For Lower Voltage protection):Yes (2.8V)
Battrey Capacity:2000mAH
Surge Protection:2.5KV

Compan In Load Shedding


Super Fast Boost Charging


Backup Time 3hrs On Full Charge


Wide Voltage Range


Environment Friendly


Instant Lighting


2.5KV Thunderbolt Protection

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